We work with you to create your own advantage.

What do we do?

At Total College Advisory we work with families to solve the College-equation for admissions, scholarships, majors, athletics and much more. We help our families get college right and get the outcomes they desire.

We help high school students find their right college fit, create an advantage in winning admission acceptances, earn their maximum scholarship potential, choose their right major, and for athletes, land a real opportunity to play college sports. Our founder, Hans Hanson is a national college advisor. National means that he has worked with families from every state in the country. College advisor means that he will teach kids how to take ownership of their life by being proactive and engaged in securing their desired outcome.


What is the right college fit?

We have spent years working closely with college admissions to find out their inner workings and how you can use that to your advantage.  Our experts will guide you through the college process from start to finish or if you’re a senior, for that last stretch.  Unlike school employees, we are paid to help you find the right college fit.

The right college fit is the school that fits “you”.  It’s not necessarily that dream school on TV or the one that your parents are in love with.  The right school fits you academically, socially, geographically, and is the right size.  We take each of these factors into account before building a list of schools to contact and apply to.  We are the only group to guide you step by step through the process with and advisor on call.

How do we do it?

  • Get to know you on a personal level

  • Qualify you for our program

  • Quantify extensively where you are in the college process

  • Build a list of schools based on current qualifications

  • Personally contact schools

  • Personalize admissions letters

  • Prepare and take standardized tests

  • Prepare FAFSA and financial aid forms

  • Use our inside information to find you the right college fit!

We also help you play college sports.

We started off ten years ago as a college sports advisory service helping young athletes achieve their dream of playing collegiate sports.  Today, we have transformed that into a full blown college advisory service but still have our roots in collegiate sports.  We have former college athletes on our staff who have gone through the college sports recruiting process and understand how difficult and confusing it can be.  Our job is to find the right school for your athletic ability and help you leverage your athletic skills in the college selection process.

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