Majors & Studies

Everyone has a choice to study-forward for the emerging growth opportunities projected over the next ten years, or study-backwardfor jobs from the 1990’s, the ones being occupied by 45 year olds. Most people do that simply because that’s what their parents know. But you can know better. We look ahead and help students plan a course of high school studies to best prepare for college and college studies to best qualify for desired jobs in the future. We are big fans of Interdisciplinary Degreeprograms that develop skills and knowledge in college that are quickly applicable in a job and worthy of pay. Accordingly, you create your own advantage by studying forward. We are here to look ahead, discuss those opportunities with you, and help you plan your path of studies.

College Matching

Most people evaluate colleges first, not us. We apply a focused, bulls-eye approach matching colleges to your unique person. We first evaluate the student’s qualifications, interests, and family needs. We assess the student’s academic record, cultural compatibility, social interest, and geographical preference. We will blend in the student’s interest in studies and family cost objectives. We then identify 15 – 30 colleges that could be a good match for the student to consider researching and visiting. The goal is to eventually create a hot-list of 8 – 10 preferred colleges for submitting applications. We know the colleges and standby ready to share our knowledge of colleges with you.

Admissions Expert

Interest will come only from admission offices for which you demonstrate qualifications for acceptance. They know the numbers. We know what they are looking for in applicants. The admission process begins long before submitting applications. No longer is it good enough to just hit the “submit” button. You create your own advantage for admission acceptanceby becoming well-known in the admission office. Furthermore, you add to your advantage by writing a quality essay, having a Personal Statement, and submitting an early application. Our goal is to have 6 – 8 acceptances secured by January 1st. Our system delivers on this goal every year for our students. Our families are negotiating scholarships while other families are contemplating applications. We are ready and prepared to do the same for you.

Academic & Athletic Scholarships

Learn how to maximize your scholarship potential for merit-based awards. Know where scholarships come from and who has authority to offer them. Have the right questions to ask the right people. Get to know their situation and understand the opportunity for increasing your scholarship. The college sets the rules to the game and each year they have a new rule book. You need to know the rules if you’re going to win the game. You create your own advantage for scholarshipsby being knowledgeable and proactive in building your basket of value to colleges and knowing how to play the game. We know the rules and are ready to share them with you.

College Sports

You don’t have to know how it will all work out, you just have to know you want it.

1 of 25 high school athletes go on to play college sports. For most, these are prohibitive odds, but not for you. We have a highly structured, proactive and timely system that can improve your odds up to 20 times. The secret is to have a personal marketing plan complete with a personal marketing package. The key is to connect with college coaches beyond a casual email and camp invitation. The plan is to prepare for evaluations and not get caught up in chasing showcases and camps. Now all of that sounds easy, but it can be quite a challenge for young athletes and unsuspecting parents as barriers exist. Learn how to knock down the walls to meet college coaches and find out their situation and needs; understanding your opportunity in doing so and how it works. You create your own advantage for playing college sportsby being proactive and involved, and deciphering real opportunity from false fronts. We have a team of well-experienced experts to help you be the “1”, you just have to know you want it!

College Advising

We are a team of experts in college advising creating your advantage for collegein a fierce, competitive environment. We begin with the initial search for colleges and continue with building a list of colleges matching your unique interests. We help you plan college trips and prepare for campus visits, contact and connect with the key college decision-makers, write application essays and submit applications, evaluate financial awards and negotiate lower costs, evaluate options and make a knowledge-based college decision; then have a college plan for studies that will lead to your desired outcome. For athletes, we have the most comprehensive, sure-fire system available for securing a real college sports opportunity. Throughout, we apply a well-proven, structured system, and timely approach to winning acceptances, earning scholarships, choosing majors, and for athletes, playing college sports

We work with you to create your own advantage.

What we do.

We help high school students create their own advantage in winning admission acceptances, earning scholarships, choosing the right course of college studies, and for athletes, landing a real opportunity to play college sports.


Our founder, Hans Hanson, is a national college advisor. National means he has worked with families from every state in the country. College advisor means he teaches students and athletes to take ownership of their life through a quality, on-time, meaningful education. He coaches students on being proactive, engaged, and knowledgeable in securing their desired college outcome.


The right college fit.

We have spent years working closely with college admission, financial aid, and athletic offices to find out their inner workings; to best understand their perspective. The challenge is that it changes a bit every year. Schools are getting tougher for acceptance, and, tighter with scholarships and financial aid.  We have the secrets and inside scoop for what colleges are looking for from you. We use this information to create your advantage over the fierce competition for college admissions, scholarships, and for athletes, college sports.


The right college fit is the school that best fits your qualifications, interests, and needs. Furthermore, it needs to meet your academic standards, cultural compatibility, social interests, geographical preferences, and cost objectives, while qualifying you for the right jobs afterwards.


We focus on the bulls-eye, taking into account each of these factors when considering colleges of possible interest, and we know the colleges. This is your advantage to partnering with us for finding your right college fit for success and satisfaction.

Our system for success.

  • Get to know your college goals and objectives

  • Evaluate your qualifications, interests, needs

  • Build a list of matching colleges

  • Create a personal marketing package and plan

  • Contact and connect with colleges

  • Be organized, prepared, and focused

  • Have a personalized timeline to follow

  • Help with essays, interviews, and applications

  • Create quality options for college

  • Find the right college, get your desired outcomes

How Bad Do You Want It?

Athletes, we help you play college sports.

We have a special expertise for helping high school athletes land a real college sports opportunity. Our secret is connecting you with college coaches beyond a casual email and camp invite. Our system can increase your odds by 20 times for playing college sports. It takes a proactive, involved, and realistic effort. It rewards those who do it right and leaves others wondering why it didn’t work out like they thought. 1 in 25 high school athletes go on to play college sports. You can be that one by doing things that other athletes won’t be doing.

We have helped hundreds of young athletes achieve their dreams of playing collegiate sports. We can do the same for you. Being a successful collegiate student-athlete has lifelong benefit in many ways. Let us show you how to go from prospect to recruit and secure your college roster spot. It’s there for you. You don’t have to know how it will all work out, you only have to know you want it!

College Intel, Secrets, Keys, and Tips

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